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Extend Excel

Extend Excel Add-in

Extend Excel is an Excel Add-in is a productivity add-in which contains lot of programs and functions to improve the efficiency in working with Excel. The major salient features of this Add-in are as follows.


Combine work sheets to a single sheet

Paste Links with Transpose

Wraping functions like IfError, Round, Operations etc


Concatenate Text by selecting cells and also insert custom charactrs between each of the cell vales

Programs for selecting the maximum/minimum value in a given table

Insert Rows/Columns after each row or a collection of Rows/Columns

Select rows matching criteria for further formating

Shortcuts for diaplaying zero values, different date formats

Page Set up with Repeat rows on top with a single click


Download the free version now...


ExtendExcel.exe file for Automatic Installation            


After the Download is completed, Run the ExtendExcel.exe file and follow the On screen steps to complete the Installation. file for Semi-Automatic Installation    


After the Download is completed, Extract the zip file to a New Folder. Open Install_ExtendExcel.xlsm file and follow the On screen commands to complete the Installation.


Caution: Directly opening the Install_ExtendExcel.xlsm file without unzipping may show that the Installation is successful, but may result in partial Installation only. So always extract and then open the Install_ExtendExcel.xlsm file.