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PlanExc Monitor


PlanExc Monitor is a project management software program developed for assisting planners and project managers to gain complete control on projects. It can be used in projects for planning and scheduling, resource and cost budgeting, presentation of the schedule, baseline creation, progress monitoring and accounting, forecasting and taking appropriate control measures, completion and hand over etc.

PlanExc Monitor is a very cost effective tool which gives powerful new ways to effectively and efficiently manage projects. Numerous options are also provided to the user for various features to enable customization as per requirement.

PlanExc Monitor uses the Critical Path Method (CPM) of scheduling. The different activities in it are analysed and compared based on the weight factors assigned to them and all the progress are rolled up based on this overall weight factor.

PlanExc Products have been divided into four products as follows depending on the functionalities and features

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1.   PlanExc Monitor

2.   PlanExc Monitor Plus

3.   PlanExc Project Controller *

4.   PlanExc Project Controller Pro*

*Releasing Soon

PlanExc Files

PlanExc files have *.planx extensions and can be opened by double clicking the file. It can also be opened through the PlanExc File Menu and then browsing towards the file location. Only valid planx files (*.planx) can be opened through PlanExc Monitor.

Watch the Vedio Tutorials for a better and easy understanding about the various functions and features.