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PlanExc Project Controller

Purchase PlanExc Project Controller License

PlanExc PC is presently in the beta version. Licence will be available to purchase once the full version is released. We assure that the prices will be far cheaper than other comparable software. If you are interested please drop in a mail and we will let you know when the key is available.

Single User license key : USD ____

This price will be a onetime fee and there is no subscription fees further

There is no expiry date for licensed version

Free updates for a minimum period of One year from date of purchase.

A variety of payment methods are available and can be opted as per user preference.

Instant delivery of Licence key by email after the payment has been received.

Special quote available for bulk order above 20 licences.

Additional information

PlanExc Pro is available in a CD-ROM if required by the customer at an additional fee.

There is no Shipping or Handling charges for obtaining the licence Key by Email.

After the order is completed, customer will be notified with the details of the order by email.

Licence keys are sent by Email after the payment is received and this is usually within 30 Minutes, if the payment is done using Credit Card..

User has the preference of doing the payment in any of the available currencies offered by our ecommerce partner for handling payments.